About the DanceContest  Project


The purpose of the DanceContest app is to search for Instagram video with specific hashtag. Our app saves video links of these videos in our system and encourage users to view and vote for videos.

Users may contact DanceContest Project at any time to request that the video be removed from our collections. Requesting that the video be removed will remove it from the DanceContest Project. If you have posted a video that you would like removed simply send an email to dancecontest@leris.cz with your Instagram username and we will remove your videos from our collections.

Terms of Use

The public is encouraged to contribute to DanceContest often by tagging Instagram videos with specified hashtag.

Popular videos are determined by voting in our internal system. "Likes" on Instagram do not count towards the popularity score. "Likes" have to be submitted on the DanceContest app to affect the popularity ranking.

The video must obey all laws, including applicable copyright and privacy laws.


If you have questions about the DanceContest project, please email dancecontest@leris.cz